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  1. From 2018 to 2020, I worked on Memories to Light at the Center for Asian American Media (CAAM), a project to make Asian American home movies and narratives accessible to the broader public. There had not been any staff regularly working on the project for a while and I was interested in digitizing a backlog of home movie collections that had yet to be processed and returned to donors, bringing in new collections to add to the Internet Archive page, and acquiring new collections to expand on the project's representation of the "Asian" experience. Pictured above is me explaning the home movie digitization process to Tina Takemoto, Dean of Humanities and Sciences at California College of the Arts, in a video where they were profiled by Art Practical. Video here.

    I presented on Memories to Light's model for digitization and access at the 2019 Association of Moving Image Archivists conference in Baltimore, MD. You can find my slides and thoughts here.

    In 2019, I was hired as a Production Archival Assistant for the 2020 PBS documentary The Asian Americans, a co-production of CAAM. More here.


  2. In 2017, I interned at the National Film Archive of the Philippines (now known as the Philippine Film Archive), the government-run archive located in Manila. I helped archive staff scan a 35mm internegative of The One Armed Executioner (dir. Bobby A. Suarez, 1981), an action B-movie shot in the Philippines. I also independently worked on scanning and completing minor digital restorations of a 16mm print of Philippine film scholar and author Nick Deocampo's "The Sex Warriors and the Samurai" (1996), a short film about trans Filipino sex workers and the export of their labor to Japan, for presentation at a festival (emulsion deterioration pictured right).